Lead DevOps engineer

Paris, Île-de-France, France · Engineering


Our mission

We want to be the source of truth and reference system in an industry where there hasn’t historically been one. We want to address the core challenges with managing real-time data at scale: data collection, integration, control, and hygiene, organizing that data through identity resolution, orchestration of data flows. In short, we’re improving the data that’s available to all the other tools in your stack.

Our mission is to help companies better take advantage of their most precious asset, their data.

Who we are

We use technology to help our customers have better relationships with their customers.

Hull is the first product that helps SaaS companies manage, segment, transform and synchronize customer data across all their services in realtime.

We're a small team, where everyone has huge impact. We have offices in France and the US.

Your Role

You will work directly with the CTO and will have a direct impact on the maintenance, operation and evolution of our infrastructure. You will contribute to designing and building our fault tolerant, highly scalable services on AWS. For this role, you will need a combination of sysadmin knowledge and strong skills in software development.



Qualities we look for


IT @ Hull

- Join a core team of highly skilled engineers, and work on hard problems to help high-growth companies solve theirs.

- A work environement tailored for deep, meaningful work, surrounded by very talented engineers

- Great location, in the center of Paris

Our Core Values


Embrace doubt, and consider mistakes a part of the learning experience.

Velocity is what makes us different from more established companies and our competitors. It is what makes us beat the competition, keep customers happy, and iterate until we have found the right way to move forward.

We are a Learning Organization above all, and we can't learn without making mistakes.

Iterate and Learn

When in doubt, err towards the simplest, fastest way to move forward. The right way to build things isn't to build them piece by piece, it's to build smaller versions of them and iterate. Consider the User experience the one piece that must be delivered, and work backwards from there.


We believe in our team, and in their expertise. We built a team of incredibly smart individuals and we rely on each other for success.


The ability to put ourselves in the place of our customers and other team members is what helps us drive the right decisions at every instant. **

Ownership & Accountability

We believe empowering people brings positive change. We each own our decisions and actions, and we are responsible for creating value that derives from those actions.

Clarity & Transparency

We believe in a culture of Transparency. We do things in the open. We're also responsible for making sure others are aware of what we're working on, and the help we need to make it happen.


Work/life balance is critical. No good things from breaking it. Enjoy your family and your life so you can bring your best self to work.

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