About Hull

Enrich, transform, synchronize customer data across all of your services


We're a small team, where everyone has a huge impact. We use engineering to help our customers grow human relationships with their customers. Our team of TechStars and HubSpot alumni is assembling the technology to do this. We’d love to have you join us.


People deserve better than the sales, marketing and support of today. It’s never been easier to use data and technology to find, acquire and care for customers. But, that data so often sits siloed within tools and teams.

Hull connects and combines that data so you can orchestrate a personal, relevant experience at every touch using your existing tools today. A seamless experience for customers and for the sales, marketing and support teams producing that.

Our values


Build. Ship. Repeat. Build. Ship. Repeat. We’re a startup hungering to build fast and iterate later. We’re looking for people who think, breath and ship faster on what truly matters right now.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. We pride ourselves in designing elegant solutions to complex problems and spend countless hours doing so. Beyond “cleverness”, “effort” and “just ship it”.


We thrive by defining and solving problems ourselves, whilst working towards our teams goals. We work to support each other in figuring out what to do, not defining what each other does. We look for more of the same.


The founding team is all married with children. We love and respect the role of the family in our startup. When it’s time to serve them, and when it’s time to put heads down and focus. We welcome family-friendly team members.

Current openings